Holistic Care

Allowing people to have complete focus on their physical, emotional and psychological recovery.

Holistic addiction recovery treatment


Our focus is on a healthy lifestyle and nutrition plays a vital part in physical recovery.

People who ae alcohol dependent tend not to take care of themselves and may end uo to be deficient in vital vitamins. Daily dose of vitamin b and thiamine to help with this

At our Surrey rehab centre, we cater for all dietary and religious requirements, our resident cook ensure amazing meals cooked from fresh locally sourced produce. Clients enjoy a varied diet with a healthy range of meals. Fresh fruit is always available and smoothies making and baking bread is a popular pastime

Eating balance regular nutritious meals, learning better habits


  • Alternative therapies, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nature walks
  • We also have fun stuff badminton, table tennis, football, volleyball and other sports
  • Keen chess club with tournaments
  • Art therapy

Free wi-fi, computer and mobile phone friendly – you can keep in touch with your loved ones and continue with business commitments (time allowing)

Although we have a timetable, we are entirely flexible and our ethos is to work around each individuals needs.


Exercise is strongly encouraged and promoted each individual is given a gym induction and training plan by our personal trainer personal trainer for our gym, provides you with your own personal program suited to your unique needs and abilities. Fully equipped gym, cross trainer, treadmill, cycle, rowing machine, weights and benches, punch bag, large mirror and mats for classes and more.

Daily walks in our extensive 13 acres grounds – may see local wide life even deer – recovery through nature.

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